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Benefits of Responsive Design

Posted by Emily Wilson on Jul 4, 2014 5:11:14 PM

  • Responsive Design is a technique used by website designers to develop websites that look good on all mobile devices. As the name suggests the design responds to the user and adapts to display the optimum design for the device used to visit the website, such as a smartphone or desktop computer.

It’s getting more important to consider responsive design as an investment before building any website, so all Tripledash websites come ready-made with responsive design. More people are moving away from using laptops as a mobile device to tablets for browsing the internet on the go, so it would be foolish not to consider how you can maximise the versatility of your website.

responsive_devicesThe benefits of responsive design begin to stack up pretty fast. Ponder how these benefits could aid your online business.

Responsive Design Increases Conversions

Mobile users have an increasing expectation that your site will be user friendly for them. If they have to scroll left and right and up and down they will soon become frustrated and could abandon your site. This is a bad mobile user experience. On the flip-side if a user has a good experience they are more likely to take action. Mobile-friendly websites create less “friction” and this in turn, increases your conversions.

Responsive Design is Good for SEO

Before responsive design, if you wanted to view a website on a mobile device you would be redirected to an entirely new site. This was to cater for individual device needs, dimensions and features; e.g. one website for computers, one for tablets, and one for mobiles. So when a person searches on a mobile device, the desktop website redirects to a mobile-specific website. Inbound links to your website are seen as votes for your site by the search engines.; the more inbound links your site has, the higher it will rank for various keywords related to these links.

The problem, however, is that mobile sites receive hardly any of the votes earned by these inbound links because they have different URLs (and are accessed through redirects), and it results in lower mobile rankings. However a responsive website has the same URL across all devices, which ensures that mobile, tablet and desktop rankings are all on the up and up.

Responsive Design Will Save You  Money

If you want to build a dedicated mobile website/s, rather than having responsive design, a separate set of templates or a device-specific app have to be designed and developed. That is one site for iPhone, one site for iPad, another for Android etc. Then, what happens when a new device comes out? Make another website or app specific to that device? It can become costly very quickly just to be sustainable.

The beauty of Responsive Design is in the fact that it enables your site to fit perfectly in any screen size. One website, all devices. That means that your website only has to be developed once, significantly reducing the cost.

Responsive Design Saves You Time

You only have to update one website rather than multiple websites. You also only have to develop one website. No need to repeat the process every time a new device with different specifications comes on the market.

Responsive Design Gives You a Competitive Edge

Although responsive design has been around for a while, it is still a relatively new feature for websites, especially in New Zealand. There is opportunity here to one-up your competition; by redesigning your website to fit optimally in all devices, visitors will get a much better experience on your site than on your competitors, and will likely take more action.

Responsive Design Makes Your Website Sustainable

When adopting responsive design, your site will stand the test of time. There is no need to play ‘catch up’ when a new device is released as a responsive website adapts to any screen resolution.

Responsive Design Keeps Content Consistent

With a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about updating several different versions of a website in order to keep the mobile, tablet and desktop versions consistent. Update one, update all. This increases the value of your site to visitors, and in turn, the search engines.

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