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Image editing tools for your small business website

Posted by Sarah Gleeson on Sep 29, 2014 11:50:29 AM

As we have discussed in earlier articles, making sure your product images look great is important for any small business. With smaller budgets, it is often the case that professional image editing software is not feasible. Not only that, but it can be difficult to find a team member with the time to learn how to use the program.

There are a number of free image editing tools available to small business websites. These tools allow you to do the basics, like cropping and resizing, as well as some more creative tools like filters, boarders and effects.

One of our favourites is Pic Monkey. This is a great tool for a beginner, or someone looking to add something extra to their images.

In Tripledash there are many opportunities to add images to your homepage. This not only makes your website look better, but offers you a chance to tell your audience a little bit more about your small business.

Images on your home page act as ambassadors for your brand, so it is important that they help tell the same story as the rest of your website. Work out what filter looks best with your website style, and go from there. By having a consistent look across your website, customers will be less distracted, and likely to remember your ‘look’.

If you are editing your product images, you want to make sure that they look consistent and in line with your brand. While it can be easy to get carried away with editing, it may start to look messy if all of your images feel different. The aim is to make your product appealing to your target customer, answering any doubts they may have.

We recommend you think about the following features, and decide what will look best across the board:

  • Border
    • Borders can help keep images clean, especially if you have white backgrounds. By adding a border, it will help to keep the size of the images looking consistent.
  • Filter
    • Filters are a fantastic way to give your images a specific 'feeling'. What do you want to tell your customers? Do you want your images to look warm and friendly, cool, vintage, or bright and clear? The filter you choose should be based on your brand.
  • Size
    • It is best to keep consistency with the size of your images. Work out what looks best, and then apply it to all your images. This can easily be done by cropping and resizing your images.
  • Scale
    • Do you want your product images to be close, showing off specific features, or with a bit more distance so you can see the whole product clearly?
  • Orientation
    • When looking at a long list of product or service images, your website will look cleaner if the images are all portrait or all landscape. Swapping between them may look messy.


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