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Launch of website creates busy Monday for High Performance Cutters

Posted by Sarah Gleeson on Mar 20, 2015 10:47:00 AM

Confident he could offer a better service, Chris Gray started High Performance Cutters to answer the need for a one-on-one concrete cutting service in the Auckland region.

Being a fairly recent business owner, Chris understood that he needed to get online fast. Unable to rely on a database full of existing clients, it was important to get his business in front of construction companies, and home owners.


Getting Started

Having no prior website management experience, Chris was in the market for a website solution that wouldn't require high computer skills, or take up valuable time just learning how to manage it. 

Tripledash provided him that solution with its easy to manage software, "It was quite good actually, easy to follow the steps". From there, Chris set up his website with the vision of having an online platform which would 'pop'. "I wanted people to go, 'oh look this guy had a good website, means business, this is what he wants to do with his life."

"I think without it, I wouldn't be doing much", Chris says of his new Tripledash website.

Launch Day

Launch highlights:

  • Went live on Thursday night
  • Got calls for work on Friday
  • Set up Google AdWords over the weekend
  • Monday was "crazy", receiving 5 phone calls and getting 4 jobs out of it

Since his launch, most of Chris' enquiries have come from his website, and the Google AdWords campaign. 


How High Performance Cutters designed their website with their customers in mind:

  • Clear imagery that is great for design and credibility.
  • Concise copy outlines exactly what services are avilable.
  • Testimonials exisiting customers have provided, help to build up credibility for future customers. 

HighPerformanceCutters_Designed by Tripledash

High Performance Cutters website,

High Performance Cutters has had some great initial results, with steady enquiries and calls resulting from people finding his website. 

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